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Swing Investing Course Kolkata

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Register Your Name, Email and Mobile Number in the above form to Get a Free eBook on Share Market: Please check all folders of your email including promotion and other folders. You will get an email where there will be a link to download the eBook. Click on it and download it. Its a big eBook with lots of information on share market – do read whenever you are free.

Do You Know Its Easy To Become A Good Investor and Trader In Share Markets?

Now coming to learning more about share market. People do a lot of mistakes in investing – the number one is SPECULATION. They read somewhere or see on business channels or got a tip from tip provider and they immediately invest.


When investing in share market people forget that risk is involved. So they must do proper research and invest. Its not just about investing – its also about how much you should be investing. This is known as risk management. Once you invest in share market it should not bother you – and the invested money should not change your lifestyle.

Another problem is looking for fast and huge profits. For that either they start doing intraday trading in equities or invest a lot of money at one time in one stock thinking that it will skyrocket as soon as they invest and it will make them rich overnight.

This does not happen and they take a loss and repent their decision.

Some even leverage their capital and trade in derivatives (future and options) and lose even more. There is nothing wrong in trading derivatives but you must learn to hedge your trades as derivatives have a time limit and you must profit before that time. A hedge will ensure that even if you take a loss it will be small. This is the reason HNIs (High Net Worth Individuals), DIIs (Domestic Institutional Investors) and FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) hedge their derivative positions every-time they take a trade. This is the reason they never lose a lot of money in future and option trading.

I also offer a paid course in Kolkata, West Bengal. But of course you must first register your email and download the eBook from the link given in email, read and then come for paid course if you think it will help you.

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