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Learn How To Select Good Stocks For Swing Investing

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Some important notes before you read what you will learn in the course.

  • Its a myth that 10% every month is possible in the stock markets.
  • 90% traders lose money because they take tips or do speculative trading
  • People lose money because they want to make money fast and act very fast in an investment
  • Lack of knowledge of risk management is another cause of loss
  • Technical analysis is a myth – IT DOES NOT WORK. Success rate of technical analysis is 50%. Rest of the trades fails. However technical analysis is getting a lot of attention due to media hype and so many courses on technical analysis showing huge profits in Telegram channels. What they do not show is their huge losses. If technical analysis was really so good then why the world is yet to see another “the Warren Buffett of technical analysis.”
  •  The success rate for day (intraday) traders is estimated to be around only 10%. Day trading cannot be done part time. It needs you 100% attention until the trade is over. Still day trading is getting a lot of attention from young stock traders because they think they can make a living out of it easily and leave their job fast. However they fail.
  • Derivative trading is an art not a science. Hedging is very important in future and option trading. Hedge acts like an insurance in derivative trading. If done correctly it can generate good profits but it should not be traded on hope just like any other speculative trading.
  • People unable to control their emotions while trading should invest wisely and not trade.

Course Contents:

1) How stock market works.
2) Why price of a stock rises and falls.
3) Risk involved in stock investing.
4) How people actually make money in stock markets.
5) How to take a short cut to select stocks for investing from thousands of stocks.
6) Financial management – How many stocks to own in a portfolio.
7) How to read financial statements of companies.
8) How to invest in these stocks once selected.
9) How to compare stocks and decide to invest.
10) Learn the money rotation method and how to select stocks for money rotation profit booking – SWING INVESTING.
11) Basics of Options & Futures.
12) What wealthy investors do to hedge their investments using options as hedge. You can do it too if your account size is big, or when your account size will become big.
13) Examples of few stocks that one can be invested until retirement for good returns.
14) Introduction to mutual funds.
15) Different kinds of mutual funds.
16) How to select good equity mutual funds to invest using the SIP plan.
17) Trading mutual funds – This is a unique concept thought nowhere in the world. Yes even mutual funds can be traded. I am personally making above 25% a year trading mutual funds. I will teach you how.

And Finally I will talk to you personally and tell you how much risk you can take and what is right or wrong for you. How much money you should save per month and invest in stocks markets – this will differ from person to person. What percentage should get into equity and what should get into debt. How to manage risk with time and increase your portfolio. Note that this secession itself is worth the course fee. People in India do not know how much money they should be investing and invest more than their capacity.

Their is no fixed rule for everyone so I need to talk to you personally to help you take a decision. But final decision is all yours.

Course fees: It is a one time fees of Rs. 4000/- only.  If you are interested you can use click the link below to pay by credit card, debit card or net banking:

Click Here To Pay 4000 For The Investing Course By Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or UPI within a minute

Who can do this course?

Anyone who stays near or in Kolkata and come for a face to face one day class on Saturday 10 am. If you are interested to know about stock investing long and short term this course is for you. However if you are looking a return like 100% a year this course is not for you as this is simply not possible.

This is not a technical analysis course. This is course for selecting good stocks for investing for long and mid term. I will name a few All Weather Stocks that you can invest if you want, but this is not a recommendation like tip provides give. These are fundamental sound companies that are good to invest for long term. However I do not take any responsibility if you invest. Please do your own research before investing. And if you invest in any stock as per the guidelines in the course make sure to book profits and loss and manage risk as thought in the course.