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Hello and Welcome to Swinginvesting.com. I am Dilip Shaw, founder of this website. This website was started to give share market & stock investment education to the readers in India. And for investors in Kolkata I have a classroom investment course. Later I may branch out to other cities in India. Fees is very low compared to what others charge.

I am also owner of a options & futures education website TheOptionCourse.com. There since 2015 I am teaching options to traders all over India. I started this website in 2018 to give education to stock investors who mainly invest in stocks and do not trade options and futures. You can check testimonials in that site – here, here, here, here, and here. It will take more than one hour to read all testimonials.

However the course there is for option traders only. There I have not started course on selecting good stocks for investing. This course is not possible online. Since I stay in Kolkata I have started a classroom course for stock market investing. It will be held in Chinarpark, near city center 2, Kolkata, WB. If you are interested in doing the course you can contact me.

I started this website on 15th of August, 2018 to share my knowledge in investing in the stock markets.

Stock markets or share market as people call it is not that complex as people think it to be. The problem is that people expect too much from the stock markets therefore they lose money investing.

Those who have kept their investments simple are doing well but those who invest with a view to make a lot of money overnight are bound to fail. These are the people who lose a lot of money.

My journey of investing started in 2007 and I was a loser. I was doing intraday trading in my office without any knowledge – got caught and lost my job. Then took help of tip providers to make quick money overnight – I lost even more. Total loss exceeded Rs. 7 lakhs in three years (2007-10). I jumped from job to another job but nothing good happened. To survive I had to take a one lakh personal loan. 🙁

Luckily I got a stable job in 2010 and started my investing journey again. But during my struggling days from 2007-10 I did a lot of studying/researching about stock markets. For a few months I did not trade and only studied about investing and trading. Did a lot of study, researched short-term investing, long term investing, future & option trading (derivatives), mutual funds etc. I did a lot of paper trading along the way.

I read books while travelling to my office in Metro, and while coming back. Then late in the night. I read books, websites, subscribed to paid newsletters to read what these experts say. I paper traded everything I read. I found out that listening to others like friends or taking advisory services or taking help of the tip providers and promises of huge returns from the stock markets does not work. What works is simple way of investing in fundamentally strong companies and wait patiently for the profits to come. If it makes sense to exit then exit or wait.

On 31st March 2016: I resigned from my job to concentrate full time to do stock trading and I am enjoying it. 31st March 2016 was chosen because on this day the financial year of 2015-16 ends.

My Education: I have done BA (Economics) from Panjab University, Chandigarh, MA (English) from Osmania University, Hyderabad, DOEACC “A” Level Computer Science (Equivalent to Diploma in Computer Science) in Kolkata, and MBA (Finance) from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai (TN).

My Qualification: I am NSE authorized sub-broker with India’s number 2 Brokerage firm.

Here is email screenshot of my approval number. Please note that I have hidden last three number to save myself from fraudulent messages:

So now I am a retail investor and trader like you. Yes I am now a broker too. Here are some reasons I think investors in share market lose money:

1. We get greedy and trade with more than we can afford.

2. If we lose money we bring more money and do revenge trading – but we end up losing more.

3. In intraday trading when the trade goes against us, we sit in hope thinking the stock will eventually favor our trade. Unfortunately that seldom happens. We take a huge loss.

4. After we take a stop loss we see that the stock turns in our favor. However our money is gone.

5. When the trade is in our favor we take the profits quickly but when we lose money we sit in the hope of reversal taking a big loss. Overall our profits are small and losses big. Overtime these losses become very big.

6. 99% of investors invest/trade without any plan. They lose.

7. After losing money we go to advisory services for tips. We pay them and lose more money trading their tips.

8. We then become fearful and stop investing/trading altogether.

9. Our chances of making money from this beautiful world of stock markets is gone forever.

Stock market world is not going to change ever. Its an evergreen market. So please invest carefully with proper research. Educate yourself before investing. If you do speculative investments or trading I guarantee you that you will lose money.


SwingInvesting.com is website made to teach people how to invest well in share markets. I share a lot of information in stock investing in this website. I DO NOT PROVIDE TIPS OR ADVISORY SERVICES. You are free to read my site to get education in share market investing. But it is your money at risk, so please invest small then increase your investments gradually. Moreover please do your own research before taking any financial investment decisions based on what I have written in this website. My goal is to help you take a better investing decision.